--Dye Your Hair With Coffee


Dye Your Hair With Coffee and Save Some Money!

dye your hair with coffee


Want to get rid of your gray hair, or just add some brown or red tints to your hair. Try this easy solution using regular coffee and see what you can do for not much money.

One - Brew some coffee....probably a couple of quarts....take the coffee and pour into your sink or basin, then let it cool off completely.

Two - Get your hair ready for the rinse by brushing your hair thoroughly and making sure that the hair is completely untangled.
Three - With the coffee in a sink or basin, dip your head into the coffee, and take a cup and thoroughly saturate all of your hair with coffee. Use your fingers to work the coffee into your hair all the way down to your scalp just like you would if you were shampooing your hair.

Four - Rinse the coffee 10 to 15 times using the cup to pour the coffee over your hair. This should take 15 to 20 minutes.

Five - Ring out your hair over the sink and make sure that you don't spill coffee on your rug or for or anything else you value.

Six - Let the coffee sink into your hair for at least 15 minutes. Don't wrap a towel around your hair as this will absorbed the coffee.

Seven - Thoroughly rinse out your hair with water once you're done, then dry your hair as you would normally and style it anyway you would like.

Most of your Gray should be gone now. If not, try it again several times.


It's worked for me..