It's Oktoberfest Again!

Colbert Nails Glenn Beck For Constant Tears, Conspiracy Theories...

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California Wildfires Burn Out of Control

california fires
california wildfires out of control, media towers in jeopardy

Obama on Vacation

obama vacation
president obama on vacation with duaghters, martha's vineyard, august, 2009

Jenkins Made 30 Calls After Death

ryan jenkins
ryan jenkins, 30 calls, jasmine fiori

Jessica and Her Dog are Movin On

jessica simpason and her dog movin on
jessica simpson and her dog

Looks Like Shana Sand Needs to Even Out Her Tan Lines

shana sand tanlines

Top Three Most Powerful Celebrities: Angelina, Oprah then Madonna

Dye Your Hair With Coffee
J Simpson Photos

Other News:

Carrie Prejean is finally firing back at the people behind Miss California USA with a lawsuit -- claiming Shanna Moakler and other pageant officials forced her out because of her religious beliefs.

Chris Brown says he can't remember anything from the night he brutally attacked Rihanna -- telling Larry King he thinks "it's crazy" when he thinks about what he did that night.

Michael Jackson Death a Homicide.
According to a statement from the coroner: The "manner of death has been ruled homicide. Cause of death was established as acute propofol intoxication. Other conditions contributing to death: benzodiazepine. The drugs propofol and Lorazepam were found to be the primary drugs responsible.

Ryan Jenkins.
Cops say Ryan Jenkins made a combined 30 phone calls and text messages between the hours of 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM on August 14 -- hours after they believe Jasmine Fiore had been murdered.

Pilot Dies But Plane Still Lands.
A Continental Airlines pilot died in flight from Brussels. The other pilots successfully landed the Boeing 777. The pilot was 62 and was said to have died from natural causes.

Look Out Below.
Window washer survives fall from six stories and comes away with minor injuries. A man in Milwaukee fell from a bank building but survived when he hit a small roof at the bottom and bounced off. He survived with just minor injuries.

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Iran Twitters. Iranian protestors coninued to communicate and organize using twitter as their platform. Thousands of Iranians are keeping posted via twitter and youtube as well during the lates events folling Iran's election.

Man Impersonates Dead Mom to Steal $115,000

A Brooklyn man posed as his mother by donning a wig, lipstick, and big glasses all to collect $115,000 in social security checks and subsideis. Seen here in the red cost and blonde wig.

More Jessica Simpson Photos


las vegas

VEGAS sign gets historic designation - The long standing sign gracing the Las Vegas strip was recently designated historic - The sign has been sitting at the South End of Las Vegas for 50 years.The original sign cost the large sum of $4,000 and was constructed back in 1959 from a design by Betty Willis.

Twitter News:

Elizabeth Taylor Twitters. Dick Guttman, publicist for Taylor said the actress is resting but is a prolific twitter'er. Taylor is 77 but loves the twitter site.


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